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01-Once Upon a Time by Endermen-DrawingCrew 01-Once Upon a Time :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 9 3 Ruins room 1 pixel art by Endermen-DrawingCrew Ruins room 1 pixel art :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 0 0 MC:SM- You have been made useful =) by Endermen-DrawingCrew MC:SM- You have been made useful =) :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 7 9 *KABOOM* by Endermen-DrawingCrew *KABOOM* :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 2 6 Ask Undersick!Sans (RULES IN DESC.) by Endermen-DrawingCrew Ask Undersick!Sans (RULES IN DESC.) :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 2 5
Undertale AU announcement
I'm making an AU.
The original title is UnderVIRUS.
I'm thinking about renaming it to Undersick.
Leave in the comments what you think it should be ^^
Ok, now for the basic storyline.
A self-proclaimed "hacker" keyboard mashes into the code of the game Undertale, changing the story and characters for the worse.
Character descriptions:
Frisk: A young Human who attempts suicide on Mt. Ebott. They survive the fall and are now trying to survive with their half-broken soul dodging Monster's attacks that closely resemble Bullet-Hell style games.
Flowey: A mentally disturbed determination injected flower who is narcissistic (EG Calling himself "The God of Hyperdeath").
Toriel: A depressed goat-like creature who lost two children and was banished by the Monster King to the Ruins. She has good intentions, but her love is deadly.
Napstablook: A ghost who after his Cousin left him depressed. Likes to listen to sad/creepy music.
Sans: A broken and depressed skeleton who's skull shape makes h
:iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 0 11
Underfell Skelebro's custom sprites by Endermen-DrawingCrew Underfell Skelebro's custom sprites :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 3 4 Horrortale sans  by Endermen-DrawingCrew Horrortale sans :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 5 3 Storyshift- Asriel (and Chara) by Endermen-DrawingCrew Storyshift- Asriel (and Chara) :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 3 4 [ART TRADE] (name not given) by Endermen-DrawingCrew [ART TRADE] (name not given) :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 4 2 Jayden is easily flattered by Endermen-DrawingCrew Jayden is easily flattered :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 5 1 9 9 9 9 9 [READ DESC.] by Endermen-DrawingCrew 9 9 9 9 9 [READ DESC.] :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 3 2 Underfell Sprites ( custom ) by Endermen-DrawingCrew Underfell Sprites ( custom ) :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 24 9 .:Like a big brother:. ART TRADE by Endermen-DrawingCrew .:Like a big brother:. ART TRADE :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 3 3 *The heroine appears.  by Endermen-DrawingCrew *The heroine appears. :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 3 1 saNS NO by Endermen-DrawingCrew saNS NO :iconendermen-drawingcrew:Endermen-DrawingCrew 2 2


Horrortale Comic 17: A Personal Favor by Sour-Apple-Studios Horrortale Comic 17: A Personal Favor :iconsour-apple-studios:Sour-Apple-Studios 598 119 I don't know what any of that means by Jeyawue I don't know what any of that means :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 81 14 Muffet (Undertale) by LindaRoze Muffet (Undertale) :iconlindaroze:LindaRoze 809 62 Alphyne Icons by Wi-Fu Alphyne Icons :iconwi-fu:Wi-Fu 356 27 Morning Routine by kata-009 Morning Routine :iconkata-009:kata-009 4,134 234 Blueberry by Elizabetharte Blueberry :iconelizabetharte:Elizabetharte 105 17
A Portal to Mystery (Deviant Version) Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Jesse and Petra now have a plan, find the lair of the White Pumpkin. The black-haired girl looked at The Deviants, they were sitting on the couch. She noticed that Seri was crying. That worried her a little, so she approached to them.
“Hey guys. Everything is okay?” Jesse asked.
“Hey Jesse…” Kate said.
“Anna… She's gone.” Seri said as she was sobbing. “I can't believe she's gone…”
“I'm sorry, Seri…” Jesse said, feeling bad for her.
“If I had known this would happen…” Jayden said and he sighed. “It should've been me…”
“Don't say that, Jayden. No one deserves this…” Kate said.
“Now what will I do…?” Seri said with sadness. “How I'll explain this to Melody and Blackheart…? How I'll explain Connor that his girlfriend is dead?”
“You're not going to be alone… We're going to be with you.
:iconseriblaze:Seriblaze 7 41
A Portal to Mystery (Deviant Version) Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Jesse, Petra and Ivor left Lukas with the rest and they went to the kitchen. They entered and started to search for more evidence to discover how the trap of TorqueDawg was triggered. After looking around for few minutes, the black-haired girl looked at the portrait of a Creeper. There was something different in the painting.
“Does this painting have… eyeholes?” Jesse asked confused.
“Oh yeah. How'd I not notice that before?” Petra said.
“Seems worth taking a closer inspection…” Ivor said.
Jesse punched the portrait and it revealed a secret room. She got in the room and saw a lever to her side.
“It's some sort of secret passageway! Very clever.” Ivor said. “What do you suppose that lever does?”
“I don't know, but make sure you're nowhere near that arrow trap…” Jesse said.
Petra and Ivor backed away from the trap. Jesse pull down the lever and activated the dispenser with arrows of
:iconseriblaze:Seriblaze 7 40
Types of Gamers(UT Style) by blackstar200 Types of Gamers(UT Style) :iconblackstar200:blackstar200 815 281 Geeeeeeeeetttt Dunked On!!! by Cosmicchara Geeeeeeeeetttt Dunked On!!! :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 26 0 Sanzzzz by DerpCat-Collabs Sanzzzz :iconderpcat-collabs:DerpCat-Collabs 82 4 Sans by IfreakenLoveDrawing Sans :iconifreakenlovedrawing:IfreakenLoveDrawing 186 9 Deity of Hyper-Determination by itsaaudra Deity of Hyper-Determination :iconitsaaudra:itsaaudra 262 23 first human by TyelerKostlan first human :icontyelerkostlan:TyelerKostlan 36 4 Disbelief by v0idless Disbelief :iconv0idless:v0idless 1,939 122 Undertale : I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU + SPEEDPAINT by maricaripan Undertale : I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU + SPEEDPAINT :iconmaricaripan:maricaripan 3,605 248


I'm moving accounts... Again. - .-
Here's my new account:
See you guys there!


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just your everyday UT trash
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Hi! I'm Endermen-DrawingCrew(soon to be changed) and I'm the creator of Undersick. Which is an AU nobody knows about.
. . .

I'm kind of single(don't ask), trash of Undertale and Minecraft:Story Mode.
Also, I'm Undyne the Undying in :icongaby2016:'s a Devianttale.
And now, for
And a few more.

I'm aware I'm not the world's smartest human being but I'm also aware I'm not always wrong.


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